Day Trading

Capital For Day Trading 

Day Trading is a great way to make money. Successful traders can make more than doctors in a good year. It's an amazing way to make a living with unlimited potential, great working hours and a tremendous amount of fulfillment. Whether you are a novice or already have a proven track record we can provide you with additional capital to help maximize your efforts. 

 We are willing to match your capital for a small percentage return of gains. You are free to trade the account as you like. ( with certain safety measures to protect us both) 

What we offer
  • We will match your trading capital 
  • Start with as little as $5,000
  • Due to volume we qualify for over 50% off Retail Commission Pricing 
  • Use a top trading platform THINK OR SWIM 
  • Be able to Qualify for Day Trading Buying Power (Up to 4x) total combined capital (8X your contribution) 
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Swing Trading, Options, Futures, FX Avail
  • Keep the majority of the gains for yourself

Please email your telephone number and a good time to speak to see if you qualify.

Anthony Dadlani